Why Devolution? #2

Part 2: Are U.S. Special Forces the only non corrupt faction of individuals that have been around to bear witness to the corruption of the State Department and other federal institutions?

“Why devolution?”

Part 2

What was seen and what was done?


Firstly, before reading this you will definitely want to go read Patel Patriot’s Devolution series, which has now released Part 7!! After reading and catching up on Patel’s work, come back and read Part 1 of my “Why Devolution” series to be up to date. Will be referencing content from the prior Parts throughout series. This series is to attempt to lend even more credibility to the Devolution argument, by reviewing national security discussion and actions leading up to today. Some of this will extend back to 2006. But to be touched back on in a later part.

Before we get into focusing on Joe McGraw, I’ll explain what caught my attention with him. If you remember back to that now famous video of Trump saying “…maybe this is the calm before the storm…” and when asked “what storm” the president simply responded with “YOU’LL FIND OUT”.

So to Patel Patriot’s point on Devolution being the best plausible remedy at Trumps disposal. To pull devolution off one would expect that in our deeply entrenched case, Trump would have to employ “strategic ambiguity”. Keep that word in your mind for a moment. If China, a nuclear competitor, was able to successfully manipulate the outcome of a U.S. election, electronically, or by ANY other means, then one would suspect they didn’t attempt this without a plan B, which considering their military power, could rapidly descend into full on declared war, or worse, nuclear. That’s the need for secrecy on Trump’s end from a strategic standpoint.

But where is the evidence of Trump would use MILDEC?

Glad you asked, Meet Joe McGraw. A patriot and a farm boy. Us rural folk tend to have a bit of a heavy patriot bone or two in our bodies, so although being raised on a farm don’t clear him of any wrongdoing, I just haven’t been able to find any negative fruit on this guy. 👇

Areas of Expertise

  • Counterterrorism

  • Irregular Warfare

  • Military Planning

  • Operational Warfare

  • Special Operations

  • Terrorism

He spoke at a Lecture of Opportunity in February of 2017 speaking about a national security strategy proposal based off a project he was involved in that started in 2006.(keep that fresh in mind) In the presentation of the strategy aiming towards 3 major goals, Operational clarity, strategic ambiguity, and continued American progress. Here is what stuck out to me;

-(13:15)- ”..in Gand Strategic thinking…to anticipate catastrophe and to seize the opportunity for the nation towards strategy when catastrophe happens“

-(21:28)- ”…we’ll talk about penetration of information..“

-(22:18)- ”Strategic ambiguity, or the art of the clever, interesting in the employment of strategic ambiguity, the whole idea is adversaries can’t guess as to what we might do, can’t guess to what our response might be. Unfortunately when you do that no one else can either, allies or domestic population.“

-(22:45)- “What it requires is global, multi-player, multi-dimensional chess“

-(23:00)- “…you study trends and you anticipate 2nd, 3rd, and 4th order effects and based on those trends, and not only your moves but all the moves the other players might make“

-(32:35)- “interestingly enough, strategic ambiguity goes hand in hand with operational clarity….we’re gonna keep operational ambiguity. How we go about doing that, you’ll know when it’s happening to you and not before.“

Gotta stop my self there, but keep in mind to stay with what Patel Patriot is saying, Joe is speaking in terms of responding to an “ATTACK”, and how we would respond. I suggest watching full video. Pure Gold. The last Quote “YOU’LL KNOW WHEN IT’S HAPPENING TO YOU” gripped me when I was watching this. Referring back to Trumps response to the reporter on the “Storm” question, “YOU’LL FIND OUT” as well as the global chess statement, since anons have been saying trump is playing 5-D chess against the deepstate. I never stumbled on this until early 2021, but after listening to it it had a lot of similarity with a national security strategy review conducted, and discussed in May of 2019 at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies in. As always I encourage listening to the whole video, Michelle Flournoy had interesting things to say in regards to the tech industry.
Some key excerpts from (Ret) Gen. Jack Keane from the transcript;

After comparing the strategy presented by Joe in early 2017, I found it odd that we had the Joint chiefs themselves, “publicly”, state that we would quite possibly lose a war with China or Russia. My focus is on China paired with the fact they have an extensive Unrestricted warfare doctrine. When I heard Jack Keane say that the Joint chiefs publicly made a statement posturing America in a weak sentiment I thought of Sun Tzu;

-“All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.”

-Sun Tzu

Back to Joe. So he referenced in his book the “Sovereign Solution”, grows out of a summer seminar held at the Naval Postgraduate School in 2006. By 2008 the Center on Irregular Warfare and Armed Groups was formed seeming to focus intensely on this area of study and discussion.

Fast forward to 2011 from this groups inception (3 years into the Obama administration) and Joe McGraw tasks 6 different special forces units with each providing a thesis for their conclusions on who would be most likely to foment an insurgency. I went with Eric F. Sauer’s thesis, two things immediately jumped out at me. As a conservative he brings up some difficult truths about the state of the U.S. and even cites the grievances that would drive Americans into responding with violence as being “legitimate”. Here are several excerpts, gonna be hard to keep it to a minimum. As always I suggest watching the entire video.

The very intro to this thesis was specifically what first grabbed my eye.
Think; “what storm Mr. President?”

”YOU’LL find out”!!!!!👇

  • (V. Intro)“…a perfect storm of converging existing conditions (globalization, demographic shifts, anti-Christian attitudes, and increasing domestic militarization) May threaten America’s non-Hispanic Christian population and potentially foment an insurgency.”

  • (Pg 1.)—“One could theorize that, for Americans, violence is an acceptable behavior used to right injustices, perceived or real, to overthrow the government more responsive to the will of the people.”

    —“Most notable is the birth of the nation by insurgency against Imperial England”

  • (Pg 2.)“Trained as a US Army Special Forces Officer to develop foreign insurgencies in support of the US government’s National Security Strategy, I have some idea of how to have the political discord and sensitivities that could be used to foment insurgent movements.”

  • (Pg 3.)“But, in addition, having been raised as an American, I can empathize with the legitimate concerns and grievances of fellow Americans and am not challenged by unfamiliar cultural norms or language. In other words, I am able to “walk in the other person’s shoes” to gain contextual perspective.”

  • (Pg 16.)—“On April 19, 1995, America was jolted by a truck bomb targeting the Federal building in Oklahoma City. The attack was a counter-attack, a warning to the federal government that it had over stepped its bounds, militarized too many of its dealings with citizens (e.g., the Branch Davidians), and that some individuals would not accept this.”

    —“The current period of economic globalization began with the close of the Second World War and the establishment of the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Trade Organization and the U.S. dollar as the international reserve currency.”

    (“Conspiracy theorists” have been saying this for 15 years in my circles)**

    —“Politicians have made numerous arguments about the benefits of globalization, but often have failed to mention how much pain this would cause for some. The 1980s U.S. farm crisis signaled such pain.”

  • (Pg 17.)Joel Dyer’s “Harvest of rage” book cited below

    —“He warned those in power that the economic policies and food monopolies that were bringing ruin to the nation’s agricultural areas were also creating feelings of anger and distrust among the rural population, feelings directed towards the federal government. At the time, Wallace could only have guessed what form this anger would eventually assume, but he predicted accurately that it would be a force in America for decades to come.”

    —“Organizations such as the John Birch society, Posse Comitatus, Sovereign Citizen, and Christian Identity made their presence noticed at farm foreclosures and rallies. Eager to promote their organizations’ explanation for the farmer’s misfortune, these anti-government groups tailored their message to downplay racial hatred. Instead, they focused on their common enemy: the federal government and impending government repression.”

  • (Pg 21.)—“Worse, when it comes to perceived threats, the federal government can be made to seem complicit, if not outright guilty in helping to create threatening conditions. This includes the federal government’s dismissal of rightwing extremists as reflecting a fringe element, and not as the protectors of American identity which is how some anti- government activists surely see themselves.”

  • (Pg 22)—“The question remains as to what exact effects globalization is having on the U.S. population. “Globalization does not benefit all people” and there will be winners and losers. It is the size and mobilization potential of the losing demographic that the federal government needs to be concerned with.

    Globalization’s preliminary shock waves were felt during the farm crisis of the 1980s as the U.S. farming paradigm shifted from family-owned to corporate.”

    (Pg 22-23.)—“The article highlighted that U.S. manufacturing jobs, as a percentage of the U.S. economy, decreased by 30 percent from 1988 to 2004. It left its readers with a warning:

    Admirers of globalization contend that freer access to foreign markets and cheap labor increase corporate profits and thereby benefit the U.S. economy. While this argument may superficially sound compelling, it ignores the dangerous long-term effects of manufacturing losses. In reality, outsourcing makes Americans poorer over time, because America’s wealth and technology slowly migrate to other nations.”

  • (Pg 23-24.)—“Multinational corporations exert a tremendous influence over U.S. politics thanks to lobbyists who promote legislation that benefits their ability to obtain profits. Although MNC lobbying is legal according to U.S. federal law, corporate loyalty is to their shareholders and overshadows loyalty to any nation. U.S. government support of economic globalization can be portrayed as stripping the nation of industrial and technical jobs.”

  • (Pg 29.)—“From the perspective of some Christians already, numerous core beliefs are under continuous assault. Christmas, the celebration of Jesus’ birth, is annually assailed by secular Americans. The mainstream media seem to relish it whenever a Christian religious display is deemed unacceptable by government. Acceptance of the United States of America’s Christian beginnings, with clear Protestant influences, is deemed to be unacceptable by the federal government.”

    —“President Barack Obama, for instance, has said the United States of America does not consider itself to be a Christian nation.”

    —“Heightening sensitivity for those Christians who believe Christianity is under assault is that, to them, it appears that secular attacks on Christianity are considered acceptable, but attacks against Islam are not.”

  • (Page 32.)—“It would be a logical deduction that the same category of individuals who benefit from our militarization overseas likewise benefit from the increasing militarization of the U.S. homeland. For instance, DHS is using grants to establish 72 intelligence-sharing fusion centers and provide funding for state-based First Responders. It also has provided $3.8 billion to fund the purchase of paramilitary equipment and training for state and local police forces. Time magazine reporter Amanda Ripley, reporting from the Homeland Security Tradeshow, highlights where the money is being spent and cites war- like preparations already in progress.

    As if to further justify its need to know what Americans are up to, the 2009 DHS intelligence assessment on domestic rightwing extremism warned of a future increase in the strength of rightwing radical extremism. Curiously, the report generalizes the threat to a blanket indictment of anyone who has economic troubles or who questions where the country is headed on issues like abortion, same-sex marriage, gun rights, illegal immigration, and globalization. The report also expresses concern about returning military veterans who might be prone to radicalization.

  • (Pg 33.)—“One report that offers such data is a February 2009 Missouri Information Analysis Center document which claims most militia group members support third party political groups and leaders like Ron Paul. Members of such groups, it says, might display the Gadsden Flag (now associated with the Tea Party).”

So it was these last two quotes, and getting into that section of “4.militarization of the United States” that really started to bother me, but at the same time made me feel a little better. The man writing the thesis describes the Federal governments actions as “legitimate grievances”, which shows distaste towards government actions. Which is one of the two things I was looking for. Distaste towards the federal government for their repressive actions against its citizens and the shipping off of well paying jobs to other countries. So all that we can come back to. So Joe in 2011 has this thesis drawn up and by 2013, just two years after reviewing this thesis, a Fusion cell was created, combining studies done at the Navy War College with USSOCOM Component Forces and Theatre SOC’s operations. Plan was to “get a small team together outside of the traditional Washington “think tank”.

-“In the March 2013 USSOCOM posture statement, Adm. McRaven noted “the goal is to increase capacity and capabilities of the TSOC and their assigned forces to the GCCs to conduct full spectrum special operations.” (McRaven, USSOCOM Pos- ture Statement 2013). If humans are SOFs most important resource, the community should look for ways to leverage that advantage where ever it exists. As demon- strated in the micro model, the concept works. The intent of the fusion cell is not to shrug off responsibility, or transfer the preponderance of staff analysis every com- mand requires, but rather to balance the analytical capacity of the force.”

So, the fusion cell joining the Navy War College and USSOCOM and theatre SOC’s seemed to be discrete forward movement on our special forces part in 2013 given that Joe McGraw

Another interesting thing that gets brought up in that Fusion cell article is;

“conventional forces on the ground in Iraq learned the importance of social media and the impact it has on securing the support of the populace.”

To sort of tie this in with Q a bit more, that’s essentially the gist of the largest part of what Q has done. Made rifts on social media and we have definitely secured support from a very large part of the population. A centralized focus came natural to many anons to spread the Truth and let that be what influences people into our “faction”. Mottos like “we are the news now” and “handle with care” we’re commonly spouted as the news we brought ended up getting larger and larger reach, bringing more and more responsibility on each of us to disseminate accurately and factually.

Something I had suspected early on is that things were going to look like when Kilcullen helps out in other countries. In this Congress report he can be seen saying(about the Pakistani population)

“we can help them help themselves”

”…reason we defeated the Taliban so swiftly in 2001….we had 50,000 Afghans fighting on our side against the Taliban.”

And, “If we can successfully build a partnership with the Pakistani people, not necessarily the government, or the army, or the intelligence services….but the Pakistani people…”


  • Trump tells of a coming “storm” of which he tells the reporter “you’ll find out”

  • Joe McGraw has students conduct a thesis on possibilities of insurgency in which Eric F Sauer’s 2011 thesis spoke of the possibility of a conservative uprising as a result of a “Perfect Storm” of converging conditions, highlighting numerous grievances the Federal Government should seek to remedy rather than seek more militarization.

  • Joe McGraw in early 2017 when speaking on the Sovereignty Solution about recognizing when we’ve employed strategic ambiguity he says “you’ll know when it’s happening to you, and not before.” (Trump told reporter “you’ll find out” in ref to a storm)

  • (Ret) General Jack Keane highlighting; China’s predatory economics, also stating that unconventional warfare is what’s been happening to us as far as the “great national security threat” he spoke of.

Bearing in mind Patel Patriot’s work, with the above highlighted points I’d be more than willing to assume Trump was fully aware of the threats China posed and used the ultimate Sun Tzu to outwit our enemies. It’s not like special forces got elevated right before “allowing” for an election to be stolen.

I hope you enjoyed, stay tuned for part 3. My all time favorite patriot is next, (Ret) General Micheal T Flynn!!!!